One Of The Busiest Pages Ever

Let’s admit, The New York Times website is a busy one.  It’s an abundance of information that they are forced to keep in order.  One great thing — they categorize by topic.  If you want all things by World, Politics, New York , Business, Technology and other key topics, just look along the left side.  At the bottom of the page, they repeat these topics but also include examples of stories covered in these categories.  You may save yourself a click and find what you’re looking for without going to the subject page first.

You must be careful while on this website.  It’s very massive.  You can end up in one section for hours.  In later posts, I may focus on one section.  But for today, I wanted to analyze everything.

In the middle of the home page, there’s usually one box that says “multimedia.”  It brings you here.  These are some of the picks that were afforded multimedia as a means to tell their story.  But there are still many stories that do not use multimedia.  Why is that?  I’m unsure of the real answer but I have my opinions: 1) manpower.  It costs money and time to add multimedia to more stories 2)  The New York Times is an older established newspaper.  They have a base of readers who have been loyal to them before there was such as thing as “multimedia.”  So it might take some time to get everyone on board  3) that would mean even more stuff on this website.

Today I read a story about an exonerated killer freed after spending 26 years in New York State prison. He could have been walked out 19 years earlier only if he had admitted to the murder.  He refused the offer.  In 2009, his name was cleared.  He walked, no strings attached.  There was no multimedia used in this story.  It would have been nice to hear from him or a family member.  At age 52 he’s making his professional boxing debut against someone 6 years his junior.  A multimedia piece that included his upcoming sparring partner would have been another nice touch.

You can read the full story here.

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