Helicopter Crashes In The East River — Birthday Girl Dies

Courtesy of @gregmocker via TwitPic

Rescuers helping moments after the crash

Yesterday a woman celebrating her 40th birthday decided to fly high with a helicopter ride around Manhattan.  The helicopter crashed into the East River off 34th Street. The New York Times covered this story using various types of multimedia, including a live blog, which worked great! This unfortunate incident had blog updates as close as three minutes apart. Anyone in the world could following along and have current data.

The live blog worked well because of the nature of the incident. People were in water and they needed to be rescued fast. Stories like this lend themselves to minute-by-minute updates.

You can read the entire blog here.

I really liked the blog style. Each new entry had a title. In other words, they were not just random entries.

Having a photo within the live blog was fantastic. This brought it to life — a gentleman in a business suit swimming in the East River to save his life. This was real and it looked life threatening:

Photo courtesy or WCBS via AP

Helicopter crash victim swimming to safety

Today, The New York Times continued with a regular blog telling the story of an emergency medical technician (EMT) who was called to help. Even though there was not a lot of multimedia here, only one photo, it  was ok because the subject matter was so compelling.

You can read that blog here.

The EMT was helping a man who only wanted to sit up and see the helicopter, as he knew his family was out there somewhere. The EMT would later learn the victim she was caring for was the step-father of the birthday girl who died in the crash.

The New York Times covered this very well using live and written blogs.


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