Chinese Officials Seized and Sold Babies, Parents Say

Each year tens of thousands of kids are adopted from China.  Many of them land in the United States.  Adoptive parents are told the child’s birth parents didn’t want them or were they no longer alive or they wanted a better life for the child.

This New York Times article focused on the validity of reasons above.  You can read the full article here.  Unfortunately, the paper did not incorporate any multimedia into this story and I thought they missed out on several opportunities to do so.

The article went on to say that Asian family hardships were not the case all the time for sending a child out of the door.  Sometimes the government kidnapped children and put them into the adoption system for financial gain.

Of course this is a very touchy subject, but I think there had to be someone out there willing to tell their story.  It would have been nice see video(s) from someone who found out they were stolen at birth and went back to find their birth parents.

Also, photos of the aforementioned that included the child, birth parents and adoptive parents would have added a nice touch.

A Samford University law professor and his wife adopted two teenage girls from India.  Within six weeks, the girls announced they were kidnapped from their birth parents.  Getting them to speak, even if it was in disguise would have been a great multimedia addition to this article.

Adoptive parents don’t want to think about their adopted child being ripped from their birth family.  I’m sure it would be hard for anyone to speak about this on camera.  This would have been a great audio piece that would have added more depth to this story.

This was a follow-up to an Aug. 5 article which you can read here.  Again, I thought this article also missed some of the same opportunities to incorporate multimedia.  The one video they used wasn’t useful alone.


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  1. Wow, that’s a crazy article. Good stuff. And I agree, a few audio clips and/or videos with people involved would have been a great addition to the copy.

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